Membership Renewal

How long does it take before my new SMAC is ready for claiming?

Your new SMAC will be ready in a few minutes upon renewal.

How do I renew my SMAC membership?

To renew your membership, proceed to any cashier or customer service counter of The SM Store, present your old SMAC together with a valid government-issued ID and pay the renewal fee of P200 or any other tender.

I am outside the Philippines. How do I renew or replace my SMAC?

If you can't renew your SMAC membership yourself, you can send a representative along with the following requirements:

  • Signed authorization letter
  • Photocopies of your and your representative's valid government-issued IDs
  • Your SMAC

When should I renew my SMAC?

You can renew your membership as early as three (3) months before your card’s expiration date. All unused points will be carried over to your new card if you renew not later than three (3) months from SMAC’s expiration date. Otherwise, all unused points will be forfeited.